20 incredible creative cake sculptures [PICS]

20 incredible creative cake sculptures [PICS]

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Forget the Black Forest cake your mom bought you for your birthday, or the simple white multi-layered wedding cake on your special day. These cakes are so awesome you don’t even want to eat them.

Cake sculpting first began as a hobby and is now a full-fledged career option with artists competing for creativity and cake prices climbing a never ending ladder.

Here are 20 examples of some of the most creative cake sculptures you’d never want to cut.

Some photos are copyrighted and only used with the artist’s permission.


Pegasus cake

A Pegasus cake happy to have won first place in a cake contest. Photo by snarkygurl.


Punk Zombie cake

Probably the goriest and scariest cake I've ever seen. Photo used with permission by: Barbarann Garrard.


Computer desktop cake

Don't focus on the little white cake, it's just a distraction. The whole desktop computer is actually a cake. Photo used with permission by: Debbiedoescakes.


Steampunk cake

If you're a Steampunk junkie like I am, you'll probably love this one. Photo by: Kelsay Photography.


Pirate ship cake

Put on your eye-patch and loot this pirate cake. Photo by: mdimmic.


Building cake

A cake replica of the Bodleian library. Photo by: sally_monster.


Briefcase cake

Celebrate your birthday in a cubicle with this awesome briefcase cake. Photo by: dahliascakes.


Mario cake

Older gamers will feel nostalgic with this Mario cake by Su-Yin. Photo used with her permission.


Dragon cake

Probably the most impressive cake I've ever seen. Perfect for Role-playing geeks. Photo by: Astro-Lopithecus.


Angry Birds cake

The popular Angry Birds game now brought to you in the edible world. Photo by: snarkygurl


15th anniversary cake

The 15th anniversary cake of Fluid Design, an interactive design and branding agency. Photo by: Fluid Design.


Digital SLR camera cake

I'd love to get this cake for my birthday. Now if I only got the real lens too, it would be perfect. Photo by: Barron.


Sewing kit cake

An amazing real-looking sewing kit made of cake. Photo by: bunchofpants.


Wall-E cake

Very impressed by the amount of detail in this Wall-E cake. Photo by: Donbuciak.

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